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4/19/2022Presentation on proposed Proposed Natural Resource Protection Zoning. See main Planning Board page for link to access online meeting.
1/12/2022Multi-Family Zoning Requirement for MBTA Communities overview and update
Public comments are accepted until March 31, 2022
Proposed Natural Resource Protection Zoning
9/1/2021Elizabeth Wood selected as the Land Use Agent for FY22. She is a professional planner with experience in municipal planning.
7/1/2021Jeffery Lacy has been retained as Land Use Consultant for FY22 to assist with developing a Natural Resource Protection Zoning bylaw. He is a professional planner with experience in rural planning.
3/28/2021Proposed Floodplain Boundaries and Regulations Bylaw text. Hearing April 14th at 7:30 pm. Notice
3/28/2021Proposed Amendments to Marijuana Bylaws text. Hearing April 14th at 7:45 pm. Notice
January 2021 – The Ashby GroveLetter to the Building Inspector re Zoning
Autumn 2020 – Land Use SurveyResults of Land Use Needs Survey
Comments received from Land Use Survey
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