Blood Hill Management Committee

The Blood Hill Management Committee establishes policies and is responsible for guidance and oversight for the management of the Town of Ashby’s Wiita Conservation Property on Luke Road. The committee meets at least once annually.

Management provided by the Land Management Committee includes but is not limited to:

  1. Enforcing the provisions of allowed and prohibited land uses;
  2. Providing for construction and maintenance of trails, signs, parking, forest management, fire prevention and control, hay field management;
  3. Setting land use policies consistent with all provisions of this document;
  4. Hiring contractors or engaging volunteers to implement all of the above management practices. Each contract let by the committee shall have a total value not to exceed $2500, and the Ashby Conservation Commission shall be the contracting authority for contracts in excess of $2500. State bidding and prevailing wage laws and all other laws shall be complied with;
  5. Walking the land a minimum of four(4) times a year by at least one member of the Land Management Committee;
  6. Preparing an annual state of the land report;
  7. Preparing an annual budget request and accounting for all income and expenses;
  8. Providing for educational and recreational events;
  9. Seeking and administering grants.
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