Energy Efficiency Committee

Current Projects

Ashby’s Energy Efficiency Committee (EEC) has applied for Green Community grant funding for energy saving projects to be done on our town owned and operated buildings. The 2019 Contractor Proposals for EEC designated projects totaled $233,270. The EEC then procured $68,234. of incentive funding from Unitil making the final Grant Request $165,036. The accepted projects, which are funded by the MA Dept.of Energy Resources, will result in a energy savings of $14,643. per year (depending on utility costs). These are Grant funds. The town is not required to pay the granted money back as long as we, the people of Ashby, strive to conserve energy as best we could.

The Grant projects applied for this year will result in lower energy use costs in the Ashby Elementary School, the Ashby Free Public Library and the Highway Dept #1 Building.

Rebates for Energy Saving Improvements

Mass Save Energy audits, rebates and information

The Energy Efficiency Committee’s Duties

Provide a mechanism to develop programs and projects to foster energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, and sustainable planning.

Organize educational programs for the community relating to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The Committee would also monitor the energy usage and energy efficiency measures used by the town, and would work with various town departments to examine methods to obtain “green” energy or alternative fuel.

1.     Monitor energy usage of the various Town functions and Departments. Prepare, analyze and present reports summarizing and tracking energy usage information.

2.     Work with personnel in the various Town Departments to assist in communicating and establishing energy conservation measures and programs. Help to motivate Departments to participate fully in all energy conservation programs. Arrange for training of Town personnel to assist in building local capacity for developing and implementing energy efficiency.

3.     Develop and assist in the implementation of prioritized plans for energy efficiency renovations to Town Buildings and Structures. Research, develop and make recommendations on standards and procedures for energy efficiency and renewable energy in renovation and new construction projects for Town buildings and structures.

4.     Communicate with the general public on matters of energy conservation and energy related issues and serve as the spokesperson for energy conservation issues.  Meet and discuss issues with town officials.

5.     With the approval of the town, seek grants and technical assistance to assist in implementing the above.

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