Ashby Recycle Center & Transfer Station Fee Schedule

Recycles Free with 1 or more bags of trash … otherwise $5.00 per visit


33 gallon bag7.00
44 – 55 gallon bag8.00
Construction & Demo, 1/2 pickup truck50.00
Construction & Demo, pickup truck100.00


Stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, furnace10.00
Microwave oven15.00
Refrigerator, freezer (remove doors)25.00
Air conditioner, dehumidifier25.00
Bulky metal, grill, bicycle, swing set10.00


Bulky Furniture10.00
Sofa bed20.00
Mattress, box spring25.00
Ceramic toilet, sink5.00

Propane Tank

20 lb, 30 lb7.00
1 lb and helium balloon tank1.00


Auto, under 18″6.00
Truck, 18″ and larger20.00 +


TV/CRT/Monitor, small, avg. 40 lb10.00
TV/CRT/Monitor, large, avg. 65 lb15.00
TV, Console, avg. 125 lb25.00
TV, Projection, avg. 225 lb40.00
Desktop PC, printer, VCR, DVD5.00
Copier-personal, avg. 70 lb15.00

For Sale

Compost bin25.00
Compost Pail5.00
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