Ashby Recycle Center & Transfer Station Fee Schedule

Recycles Free with 1 or more bags of trash … otherwise $5.00 per visit


33 gallon bag7.00
44 – 55 gallon bag8.00
Construction & Demo, 1/2 pickup truck50.00
Construction & Demo, pickup truck100.00


Stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, furnace10.00
Microwave oven15.00
Refrigerator, freezer (remove doors)25.00
Air conditioner, dehumidifier25.00
Bulky metal, grill, bicycle, swing set10.00


Wood & Upholstered Furniture, Carpet10.00
Sofa bed20.00
Mattress, box spring25.00
Ceramic toilet, sink5.00

Propane Tank

20 lb, 30 lb7.00
1 lb and helium balloon tank1.00


Auto, under 18″6.00
Truck, 18″ and larger20.00 +


TV/CRT/Monitor, small, avg. 40 lb10.00
TV/CRT/Monitor, large, avg. 65 lb15.00
TV, Console, avg. 125 lb25.00
TV, Projection, avg. 225 lb40.00
Desktop PC, printer, VCR, DVD5.00
Copier-personal, avg. 70 lb15.00

For Sale

Compost bin25.00
Compost Pail5.00
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