Ashby Charitable Funding Committee


The Ashby Charitable Funding Committee is chartered with the distribution of funds to public, local charities and non-profit organizations in Ashby, in support of the Town and people of Ashby. The Committee, whose members are appointed by the Selectboard, is directed to distribute funds to eligible entities and projects. The funds are available through the contributions from the Host Community Agreements.

The contributions that can be distributed to eligible entities, per the host community agreements, are provided for a term of up to 5 years, with the possibility of renewal.

Project funding requests are through an application process. The Committee will review the request and determine the funding amount. Amount funded can be impacted by the number of applicants and project needs.

Application Process

Complete the Ashby Charitable Funding Committee Funding Request Application to have your project considered for funding. The ACFC will have rolling application periods to review projects, determine how much of the project can be funded, and then vote to approve said funds.

When completing the application:

  • Complete all fields to support the funding request
  • Provide an EIN number if your organization is a charity (in the Organization field)
  • Provide a project cost breakdown to support the request
  • Attach any documentation necessary to support the request

Send any questions and/or submit the completed application to

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