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(Updated 4/6/2021) Keeping You Informed – Magic Meadow Farms

Here is the latest on Magic Meadow Farms: 4/6/2021 MassDEP opposition to timeline extension requested by Mr. Ethier and motion to renew the pending motion to dismiss the appeal 3/26/2021 Request by Mr. Ethier for an extension to submit required information 3/12/2021 Post Pre-Hearing Conference Orders issued; Mr. Ethier is ordered to file with OADR by […]


Join the Ashby HM-MVP Public Listening Session, April 27, 2021 at 7pm

RSVP for our Public Listening Session to hear about Ashby’s hazard mitigation and climate adaptation planning process, and to share your experiences and ideas! More information is available on the Ashby Hazard Mitigation and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (HM-MVP) Plan page.


Keeping You Informed – Complaints Against Ashby EMTs and Vehicles

Tim Heuer, Inspector for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, issued the following findings following complaints against the EMS system: After reviewing both complaints along with the supporting documents, I found no violation of the EMS System regulations. The complaints, by an Ashby citizen, are as follows: Unlicensed EMTs working in Ashby and being paid […]

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