Planning Board, Subdivision Control


If you wish to subdivide your land but do not have adequate frontage to create the number of building lots you would like you will have to build a road to create the frontage. The Ashby Subdivision Regulations dictate the minimum standards to which you must construct the road. They also regulate how you, as the developer, will warrant that the road is actually built, the fees involved, the types of plans and reports that must be submitted, inspections and other pertinent requirements. Your engineer or surveyor probably has a copy of these regulations. The Subdivision Regulations are presented here as a reference only. See the Town Clerk for a certified copy of the current Subdivision Regulations.

Forms Related to Subdivision Control

  • Form A ANR
  • Form B Preliminary Subdivision Application
  • Form C Definitive Subdivision Application
  • Form D Designer’s Certificate
  • Form E Approval with Covenant
  • Form F Mortgage Agreement
  • Form G Release of Covenant
  • Form H Partial Release of Covenant
  • Form I Request for Release of Funds
  • Form J Lender Release
  • Form K Inspection Check List

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