Town Clerk, Dogs

A dog license is required for each dog you own. Annual dog licenses are due January first of each year. You can get your dog’s license at the Clerk’s Office or you may print the application form and submit it by mail. The information that is required is the owners name address and phone number and the dog’s name, breed, color and age as well as the sex and whether the dog is neutered or spayed. A rabies certificate, which includes current rabies tag number and expiration date, is required.


  • Neutered or Spayed $6.00
  • Male or Female $10.00
  • Kennel, 4 dog limit $25.00
  • Kennel, 10 dog limit $50.00
  • Kennel, unlimited $75.00

Application for Dog License

Application for Kennel License

The reason for getting your dog a license is that if the dog is injured or lost you can be contacted quickly. Both the Dog Officer and the police have current dog lists which help them contact owners in the event of a problem. The license also shows that the dog has had it rabies shot. This is for the benefit of the dog officer when he is handling a lost or injured dog.

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