Tax Collector, Online Payment Instructions

To complete your payment online:

  1. Go to UniPay to make online payments
    • We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover for credit card payments. Fee schedule for credit card payments.
    • We accept checks using electronic check (EFT) payments. There is a $0.50cent processing fee for all EFT tax payments.
  2. You need your tax bill and check book or credit card in front of you before you proceed.
  3. Select the appropriate bill type, enter the bill number and tax year from your bill coupon.
  4. Enter your email address if you want to receive an email confirmation of this transaction.
  5. If paying by check, please follow the directions on the payment site and make sure you are entering the correct numbers from your checkbook.  DO NOT use the numbers on a debit card, which are not the same as your checking account number. 
  6. There is a sequence of four screens to complete the entire payment process.  You may quit the transaction at any point prior to authorizing the payment through the submit action.
  7. Don’t forget to print your payment confirmation at the end!


If an online payment must be reversed because of insufficient funds, the Town of Ashby will charge the statutory penalty of $25, just as we would for a check returned for this reason.


If your transaction is reversed because an invalid account or routing number was entered the payment will also be reversed, leaving your bill unpaid.  If this happens, we will notify you by e-mail or by U.S. mail so that you can reissue the payment.

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