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These were changes that were previously implemented for tax collection and billing.

New Tax Bill Layout beginning 12/28/2017

Starting with the mailing of the bills due February 1st, 2017, all real estate and personal property tax bills will be printed, sorted for bulk rate and/or multi-stuffed by Globe Direct located in Taunton, MA.   Only those bills with an exact 100% match for both naming and addresses will be multi-stuffed. Our new bill layouts are printed on both sides; see samples below. 

Combined Tax Bills for Smaller Tax Billings

Ashby voters approved the combining of smaller real estate and personal property tax billings.  Taxpayers who were used to receiving quarterly tax bill amounts ranging from $0.01 up to $25.00, will now see these bills as combined with a single due date.  For example:
Separate bills for $1.49 due Feb 1st and $1.49 due May 1st will be combined as $2.98 due Feb 1st bill.

Separate billings of $25.00 per quarter will now be combined as a single $50.00 billing due Feb 1st.
(Massachusetts General Laws has set $50.00 as the maximum for combined bills for each 6-month period.)

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