(Updated 6/29/2021) Keeping You Informed – Magic Meadow Farms


(Updated 6/29/2021) Keeping You Informed – Magic Meadow Farms

Here is the latest on Magic Meadow Farms:

6/29/2021Final decision and recommendation from MassDEP dismissing Mr. Ethier’s appeals of the UAO and PAN
4/6/2021MassDEP opposition to timeline extension requested by Mr. Ethier and motion to renew the pending motion to dismiss the appeal
3/26/2021Request by Mr. Ethier for an extension to submit required information
3/12/2021Post Pre-Hearing Conference Orders issued; Mr. Ethier is ordered to file with OADR by Friday, March 26, 2021, a More Definite Statement for the UAO appeal and PAN appeal. Mr. Ethier must also comply with the requirements of the February 9th scheduling order to prevent dismissal of his appeals of the UAO and PAN.
3/9/2021Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Prehearing Conference Memorandum
3/2/2021Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Motion to Dismiss submitted to OADR today (3/2/2021)
3/2/2021Order Allowing Stakeholders to Participate in Consolidated Appeals as Participants.
Zoom details for March 10, 2021 pre-hearing provided below.
8/4/2020 Both the UAO and the PAN have been appealed by Mr. Ethier
7/9/2020 MassDEP issued a Unilateral Administrative Order and a Penalty Assessment Notice to Jeremy Ethier dba Magic Meadow Farms.

Zoom details for March 10, 2021 pre-hearing:
Only the parties to the proceeding (Mr. Ethier and MassDEP) and their respective attorneys will be able to speak at the Pre-Hearing Conference.

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