Planning Board

The Planning Board addresses issues such as the division of land, subdivision control, zoning and long term growth. The Planning Board reviews all subdivision plans for compliance with zoning and subdivision requirements.

Next Meeting for 4/8/2020 at 7:30 pm

During the virus emergency you can attend and participate in Planning Board meetings by telephone or video conference. Use the links below for remote access information.

Telephone and video conference links will be posted here when available.
Instructions for Remote Access

Procedure for Applications During Virus Emergency

During the corona virus emergency the public is not permitted to attend meetings in person. Planning Board meetings will be conducted online through telephone and video conferencing on our regular schedule unless otherwise posted. Instructions for accessing telephone/video conference meetings will accompany each meeting notice.

  • All applications and plans that require a signature must be submitted by mail
  • All applications and plans must be submitted in a generally used electronic format such as pdf, docx, rtf, gdoc, jpeg, xlsx, etc. in addition to the paper format.
  • Applications and plans must include the fee, if applicable, and a return address.
  • Unless your application involves a hearing it will be taken up at the next regular meeting following receipt.
  • Questions regarding a proposed plan can be submitted by email. Include an electronic copy of the referenced plan.
  • You are encouraged to attend the telephone/video conference meeting in which you application will be taken up in order to address any questions that may arise.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions call or email the contacts in the side bar.

Approval Not Required (ANR)
If you wish to divide your land into two or more parcels you are probably going need us to sign an ANR plan.

Subdivision Control
If you wish to divide your land into a number of building lots but don’t have enough road frontage you will probably come under Subdivision Control.

Special Permit
Application for a Special Permit granted by the Planning Board. Application for a hearing. The application fee is $200.

Site Plan Review
Site Plan Review is required for certain commercial development or expansion of existing commercial facilities. Site Plan Rules and Regulations. Application for a hearing.

Natural Resource Protection Zoning

Other Documents

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