COVID-19 Information

Ashby is working with MEMA and the CDC to stay up to date on the latest information regarding Coronavirus, COVID-19. The town website is the primary place for updates. More Coronavirus/ Covid-19 information is available here: Coronavirus Updates and CDC Coronavirus Updates .


12/29/2021 COVID vaccinations and boosters are announced as they become available. Boosters are available at Stay up to date by visiting

1/28/2021 BoH COVID-19 Vaccine Update

1/13/2021 COVID-19 Vaccine in Massachusetts

9/16/2020 COVID-19 Update (9/6/2020)

6/10/2020 Face Covering Guide, Mass. Dept. of Labor

6/9/2020 COVID-19 Command Center Situation Update

5/18/2020 Reopening Massachusetts information

5/1/2020 Face mask order

4/27/2020 Corona Virus Information including Emergency Medical Treatment, Positive Test, Contact, Preparedness, and Prevention.

4/1/2020 Check your symptoms for COVID-19 online and find the right care. Offered by Mass. Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

3/27/2020 The Board of Health report on the actions are being taken to assist the community with the COVID-19 outbreak

3/26/2020 Any Ashby resident, age 60+ who is self-isolating at home, is eligible to receive Meals on Wheels at this time. To sign up for Meals on Wheels contact the Ashby COA Director at 978-424-6508.
Any Ashby resident, age 60+ who is self-isolating and needs assistance getting basic groceries and supplies, can contact the Ashby COA Director at 978-424-6508.

3/24/2020 Statement from Ashby Board of Health on action being taken to assist the community with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Closed to the Public

Public meetings of boards and commissions will be held remotely by teleconference.

Contacting Emergency Services

Please make all non-emergency reports and inquiries to the Ashby Police and Fire Departments by telephone or email, rather than in person.

Call 911 for any emergency

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