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(Awwww… puppy) Dogs Licensed after March 31st are subject to a $10 late fee.

ARTICLE XIX – MUNICIPAL DOG CONTROL LAW Section 1B. Late Registration Fee: Any person or entity who fails, prior to March 31 annually, to license and register each and every dog which they own or permanently shelter and support within the boundaries of the Town of Ashby, and pay all associated fees and charges due […]


(Correction) Unofficial Election Results of the State Election, November 8, 2022

Here are the unofficial results of the November 8, 2022 State Primary: GOVERNOR Diehl and Allen 743 Healey and Driscoll 686 Reed and Everett 19 Blanks 18 Total ballots cast 1466 ATTORNEY GENERAL Andrea Joy Campbell 666 James R. McMahon, III 760 Blanks 40 Total ballots cast 1466 SECRETARY OF STATE William Francis Galvin 772 […]

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