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Business Certificate

All business certificates (commonly known as “doing business as” or “DBA” certificates) are filed with the Town Clerk. The DBA files allow consumers to identify and locate the proprietor of a business that goes by a name other than that of the proprietor. Once filed, a certificate is valid for four years. The fee for filing is $20.00.

Please note that a business certificate records the fact you are operating a business. It does not indicate that you meet any other regulations regarding your business. You may have to obtain other licenses and permits to operate your business.

Resources for Business

Massachusetts Resources

Massachusetts Department of Revenue Business Resources
(800) 392-6089
Taxpayer Advocate (Taxes and General Concerns)(617) 626-2280
Deputy Advocate (Child Support Concerns)(617) 626-2280
Professional Training & Career Development(617) 626-5075
Department of Industrial Accidents(800) 323-3249
Mass Procurement Access(888) MA STATE
Office of the Attorney General(617) 727-2200
Office of Business Development(800) 5 CAPITAL
Secretary of State(800) 392-6090


Department of Labor(617) 565-2066
Internal Revenue Service(800) 829-1040
Occupational Health and Safety(617) 565-9860
Small Business Administration(617) 565-5590
Social Security Administration(800) 772-6270
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