Agriculture Commission


Supporting Local Farming & Forestry

The Agriculture Commission is charged with encouraging the pursuit of agriculture and agricultural based economic opportunities.

Ashby is a Right to Farm Community.

Ashby's Zoning Bylaw permits agriculture on all parcels in the Residential/Agricultural district and on parcels 5 acres and larger in other districts. The Board of Health has regulations regarding manure management and the keeping of large animals. If you have questions about local regulations concerning agriculture call the Land Use Coordinator at 978-396-2424 x 20.

Ashby has a Right to Farm Bylaw codifying the Town's support of agriculture.

The Department of Food and Agriculture provides substantial information for farmers.

The Department of Conservation Resources Forestry Bureau provides information to private land owners on forest management, tax relief for forestry and marketing.

The Massachusetts Forestry Association is a private non-profit organization providing information on forest management.

UMass Extension Service.
New Hampshire Extension Service.

A list of local and regional agricultural associations.