Town of Ashby
Video Production and Broadcast

The Town of Ashby is seeking high school or local college students, 16 years old or older, interested in video production and broadcasting. Duties include setting up and operating the A/V equipment to broadcast Board of Selectmen meetings in Ashby every other Wednesday evening and, occasionally, other meetings and events. Annual and Special Town Meetings are also recorded and broadcast.  The pay is $11.70/hour. 16-17 year old students will require a work permit. (, click: Youth Employment Information)

Employment Application is available as a PDF
Please download and fill out prior to interview.

Please direct inquiries to:  John Pankosky, (978) 386-7204, cell: (978) 831-7494,

PEG Access Department
Town of Ashby
895 Main Street
Ashby, MA 01431

(978) 386-2424 Ext. 30